What is Psychotherapy and Counselling?

The word “psychotherapy” comes from Ancient Greek and means “the healing of the soul”. It describes an ancient tradition of “deep listening” to another human being which goes back thousands of years.

Today, psychotherapy or counselling gives us an opportunity of exploring our feelings and our fears in a safe, confidential space with a trained and caring professional who can help navigate a path through the confusion. Through this deep exploration and discovery, we can finally be liberated from long held beliefs that are inhibiting us from expressing our fullest selves.

This journey, that is undertaken side by side with our therapist, enables us to uncover the depths of our potential and to make the necessary changes required to create a life meaning we might never have imagined possible.

Re-writing out of date scripts and strategies that keep us tethered to the past takes courage. Seeking the help and support of a psychotherapist is a brave first step towards a life fully lived.

What is Transpersonal Integrative Psychotherapy?

Being an Integrative Psychotherapist simply means that I draw on many different schools of psychotherapy theory into my work and can adapt my approach to meet my client’s needs.

The Transpersonal element of this means that I hold as precious the notion that we are more than simply our bodies, whatever that may mean for us. We are all, in some way, seeking our own personal meaning in life, whether overtly spiritual or otherwise, and this can be the richest, most rewarding journey we may ever take.